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The Story of Sophia Glassware

Posted June 27, 2012 By glass

The Story of Sophia Glassware


1. About Sophia Glassware

Sophia Glassware has specialized in exporting glass products for 5 years, which  is located in the historical and cultural city called Baoding, closing to Beijing, the capital.

Our unique goal: satisfy customers, good co-operation!

Our main advantage is the stable production and quality, so we can avoid the risk that clients often change suppliers because of unstable quality, so far we have owned hundreds of customers who market glass products, we provide them with glass vase, glass candlestick, glass sub-borosilicate glass products, tea-things and other glass products, in addition, we can give a quick reply in 1 business day if you want to consult product price, every client will get full tracking service guide from a specialized staff, what’s better, we can provide free samples in 15 business days if you need!


2. About the organizer of Sophia Glassware

Sophia, the director of Sophia Glassware and deals in glassware trade for more than ten years, Through years’ study and experiences, she founded her own company ( SOPHIA GLASSWARE) step by step.  With her good market sensitive and serious work attitude, SOPHIA GLASSWARE is getting better and better.



3.  The special meaning of  “ SOPHIA “


After long time cooperation, Clients all recognize Sophia Glassware as their reliable Chinese friend.  It is funny that they also give the unusual meaning to “ SOPHIA”

● S = Satisfy

Sophia Glassware supplies all buyers with satisfaction on quality, price, and service.

● O = Option

Sophia glassware can give you the option to choose your home style, it offer you the feeling of belongingness. It is your favorite option to choose SOPHIA.

● P = Peace

With Sophia Glassware’s help to decorate your home, it makes your home much more peaceful and natural. You can enjoy yourself with nice mood at home.

● H = Harmony

At your home, lacking of the flowers and colores?

Then grow some flowers with Sophia Glassware in your house, with nice harmony atmosphere how happy it should be at home on holidays. What do you think of this idea ?

● I = Interesting

Accompanied with the bright-colored flowers, together with various of glassware, don’t you think your life will become more and more interesting?

● A = Artistic

Life without art? How boring it should be. With the decoration flowers in the glass vases, Romantic, artistic.




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