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Glass Vases Versatile for Home Decoration

Posted November 16, 2012 By glass

Did you ever wonder why we love glass vases so much? Is it because of incomparable beauty, the reflected light in thousands of colors, the history that each piece contains, or the art and skill that was necessary to produce each unique piece? Collectors will go to the end of the world to find that one vase missing from their collection, decorators will spend fortune to have just the right color and form which would make the room ‘just right’.

As you see, glass vases have long been loved and used by people to decorate their home. Because the nature of glass, glass vases could be very versatile decoration items. They are a dazzling yet simple way to show off flowers, from buds to bouquets. Except from that, glass vases could be used in other ways to decorate your home.

Your living room can look quiet yet sophisticated, with glass vases in your living space. They are elegant and statuesque, and they set your rooms apart. Glass vases come in various patterns, designs, sizes and shapes. Some are blown by machine, some hand thrown and some mouth-blown. You can find square glass vases, or vases in shapes round, rectangular, square and cylindrical. You can choose the best ones to enhance your decorative style.

Slender glass vases look elegant when you decorate them with daisies or red roses. These make your home warm looking and inviting. A simple bunch of colorful, fresh flowers can put a smile on the faces of your guests. Trim the roots, too, since the stems are visible through the vase. You can dress up a glass cylinder vase with satin ribbon and sand, marbles or pebbles in the base. Or, for good luck, slip in lucky bamboos, for a traditional Chinese appeal.

Cylinder Glass vases
can make effective candle holders. You can place them along dark hallways to illuminate them, and their slender shape makes them easy to carry and move. If you fill the glass flower vases with floating candles, it can magnify their lovely effect. It makes a great showpiece in your home, or a stately office decoration. 

You can use oranges, limes or other fruits to make a lovely addition to the flower vases in the summer. And for holidays, use symbols of the day to spruce up your home. Mosses and herbs can dress up short and stout glass vases. At Christmas time, you can add pine comes or ferns for the season.

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Color Vases Most Suitable for Showcasing Flowers

I have many flower vases in my home, most of them are crystal vases, glass vases and pottery vases. When I cut some flowers in my garden and put them in the vases, the fresh fragrance dazzles me. Be satisfied with this kind of feeling, I have never considered to buy more different decorative vases.

A few days ago, I received a long-stemmed lilies bouquet as a gift. All of my vases are crystal and not suitable to put them in. A neighbor kindly lent me a color vase that had belonged to her mother. It was large and heavy and frankly, not something that I would have chosen myself. Still, I was grateful for it. It was pleasantly surprising to see how beautiful the flowers looked once they were displayed in the color glass vase.

It seems color decorative vase imitates nature in that most flowers grow up from and through green foliage and it was as if the green was acting as a replacement for their foliage. The green color of the vase really enhanced the flowers. Their rich colors stood out more. The result is that this I am now a firm convert for all future floral arrangements.

Later I bought some other flowers in a recently purchased green vase and found that almost any of them like more beautiful in them. Certainly, roses, gerberas, and orchids and even Dutch irises would all benefit. In fact, the lighter the color of the blooms the better, as they contrast more effectively with green. Orange would look pretty too.

Many of friends also found that my home became more elegant and stylish than before and finally they figured out the green clear vase is the key point. They also found that flower vases go with any kind of flowers and home decoration. If you are a flowers lover, then why not try a color  glass  vase?

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