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How to Make Glass Vase Centerpieces

Posted April 18, 2013 By glass

Group together glass vases in varying shapes and sizes, then fill them with seasonal goodies to make easy, inexpensive do-it-yourself holiday centerpieces.

Step 1: Fill with Peppermint Candies

For a display that has both form and function, fill clear vases with Christmas candy then encourage hungry guests to dig in! For a spectacular striped look, we used a variety of pepper mints including sticks, circles and rectangles.

Glass centerpiece vases with peppermints

Step 2: Fill with Ornaments

Bright, shiny ornaments are always eye-catching on a table. We separated round glass ornaments by color, and then put each color in a different vase. You could also fill the containers with the same color of ornaments or use ornaments with different shapes, such as stars.

Glass centerpiece vases with ornaments

Step 3: Fill with Acorns

An impressive centerpiece is as easy as the nearest pine tree! Collect small, medium and large pinecones. You could even purchase white-tipped pinecones from a craft store.

Glass centerpiece vases with acorns

What You Need

Check off the tools and materials you need to make this project.

  • Glass vases in varying shapes and sizes
  • Peppermint candy
  • Round holiday ornaments in varying sizes and colors
  • Acorns

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