Wedding Centerpiece Ideas With Vases

Posted May 13, 2013 By glass

Table centerpieces are one of the first things to draw the eyes of guests as  they enter a wedding reception, and one of its most important decoration  features. Vases are a good starting point for your centerpiece. Although many  couples choose to stay traditional and fill the vases with flowers, others  prefer to surprise their guests by using unusual items for filler. Whichever  items you choose to place in your vases, take care to not create centerpieces  that will block the guests’ views of one another or of the reception  activities. Wedding Centerpiece Ideas With Vases thumbnail


  • Even though flowers are the traditional tried and true choice for filling  centerpiece vases, with a little creativity, the arrangements don’t have to be  mundane. For instance, you can have the vases engraved with the married couple’s  last initial, or you can use real or liquid marbles instead of water to hold  your flowers. Liquid marbles come in many different colors, provide water for  your arrangement, and can be placed in the vases in eye-catching designs, if so  desired (see Resources).

Tall Vases

  • A distinctive and elegant vase for a wedding is a tall, thin one known as an  Eiffel Tower vase. Because this vase is very thin and its arrangements will be  above the guests’ heads, it will not block anyone’s view or obstruct the flow of  conversation. Eiffel Tower vases can be filled with flowers — calla lilies are  a good choice — or, for an elegant and different look, filled with dyed ostrich  feathers, arranged to look like a fluffy palm tree.

Create a Scene

  • If your wedding is at the ocean, fill a clear round vase with shells, or you  can fill the vase halfway with sand and then place miniature beach items such as  a beach chair and umbrella on the sand in each vase (see Resources). For a  wedding that is being held in the desert, place colored sand in a clear, low  rectangular or round vase to create a painted desert scene and then add a small  cactus or two. For a country-theme wedding, find cowboy boot-shaped vases (see  Resources) and fill them with something simple like daisies to grace your  tables.


  • Live fish in a clear vase is a tricky centerpiece to pull off but dramatic.  It’s dramatic because the live fish add a beautiful, moving touch to a table;  it’s tricky because once the wedding is done, you have to hope your guests will  take the living creatures home with them. Some couples choose to use goldfish in  a clear, round bowl, with maybe a few flowers or petals scattered on top of the  water or other decorations in the vase. Other couples choose the colorful beta  fish, which can sometimes be bought already packaged in a vase with a plant.  Sometime during the reception, make an announcement that the fish centerpiece  can go home with one of the guests at each table. Choose a factor such as the  oldest guest or the one whose birthday is closest to the wedding day to  determine who will take the centerpiece home.


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How to Make Glass Vases

Posted May 7, 2013 By glass

Glass vases are an attractive, functional form that you can learn to make. A common method for creating a vase is by lampworking: the process of manipulating solid glass in the flame of a table-top torch. For each step, the key is to always rotate the glass as you work it to keep everything on axis and to maintain an even heat base. Although a somewhat difficult task, once you achieve this bud vase, you gain the necessary tools to go on and create other blown objects.

1. Grab the larger tube and narrow one open end of your tubing. Do this by heating the opening in your torch flame, until molten and turning (marvering) the tube against your graphite paddle. You can either bring the paddle up to your tube in the flame or bring the tube down to the paddle. The goal is to get the tube as close as possible to the diameter of your blow tube so that you can attach them easily.

2. Heat the ends of both your marvered tubing and blow tube to attach them. When molten, touch the two pieces in the flame and continue rotating to ensure a solid seal. This allows the blow tube to hold the larger section of tubing and to be the instrument you use to blow the glass.

3. Determine the length of tubing you require and flame cut it to separate the rest of the tube. Do this by holding the blow tube in one hand, the tubing in the other hand and rotating the section to be cut in the flame. As you rotate, the glass compresses and eventually separates. A two-inch section will be enough to yield a small vase.

4. Heat the ends of both your 6 mm rod and the closed end of your tubing. When molten, touch the two in the flame and continue rotating. Pull out of the flame and, as you make your rotations, make sure to keep the rod as centered as possible. The 6 mm rod is now a handle (punty) you use in conjunction with the blow pipe to securely hold and blow out your work.

5. Heat the top of the tubing, just before the blow tube, and constrict the opening down. Do this by heating the tube, until molten, and bringing your tube down to your neck tool. Use a gentle pressure as you rotate your work in the tool. The goal is to create a distinctive indentation so that you can define the top of your vase and easily separate it from the blow tube.

6. Heat the top half (blow tube side) of the tubing, until molten, and pull it out of the flame while stretching slowly. This is the neck of your vase. If you want a longer, thinner neck pull more. If you want a shorter, thicker neck pull less.

7. Heat the bottom half (punty side) of your tubing to an orange glow and blow it out slowly by bringing the blow tube/handle directly to your mouth. It is best to blow in progressions to keep your work on center and maintain control over the glass. This is one of the most difficult tasks to learn so be patient and keep practicing until you get it.

8. Go to the top of your vase to break off the blow tube. Lightly heat the previously constricted area, pull it out of the flame and use your diamond shears to slowly close around the tube to put stress in the glass. Tap the blow tube with the shears to detach it. If your tube does not separate, repeat the heat and constrict process.

9. Heat the rim of the vase’s neck and flatten with your graphite paddle. Once even, heat the rim and insert your graphite reamer at an angle so that the glass rests on the reamer as it is rotates and flares open. If you want a larger flare, heat more of the neck.

10. Use your claw grabber to hold the rim of the vase so that you can melt off the punty. Flame cut the punty off and heat just the bottom of the vase. When molten, lightly rotate the bottom against the graphite paddle. Place your vase on the paddle to ensure it stands straight and does not wobble. If you get wobbles, reheat and flatten again.

11. Place your vase in your kiln to anneal the glass.

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Sophia Glassware wish you enjoy your life with harmony and happiness!


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How to Make Glass Vase Centerpieces

Posted April 18, 2013 By glass

Group together glass vases in varying shapes and sizes, then fill them with seasonal goodies to make easy, inexpensive do-it-yourself holiday centerpieces.

Step 1: Fill with Peppermint Candies

For a display that has both form and function, fill clear vases with Christmas candy then encourage hungry guests to dig in! For a spectacular striped look, we used a variety of pepper mints including sticks, circles and rectangles.

Glass centerpiece vases with peppermints

Step 2: Fill with Ornaments

Bright, shiny ornaments are always eye-catching on a table. We separated round glass ornaments by color, and then put each color in a different vase. You could also fill the containers with the same color of ornaments or use ornaments with different shapes, such as stars.

Glass centerpiece vases with ornaments

Step 3: Fill with Acorns

An impressive centerpiece is as easy as the nearest pine tree! Collect small, medium and large pinecones. You could even purchase white-tipped pinecones from a craft store.

Glass centerpiece vases with acorns

What You Need

Check off the tools and materials you need to make this project.

  • Glass vases in varying shapes and sizes
  • Peppermint candy
  • Round holiday ornaments in varying sizes and colors
  • Acorns

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Sophia Glassware wish you enjoy your life with harmony and happiness!

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Glass Vases Versatile for Home Decoration

Posted November 16, 2012 By glass

Did you ever wonder why we love glass vases so much? Is it because of incomparable beauty, the reflected light in thousands of colors, the history that each piece contains, or the art and skill that was necessary to produce each unique piece? Collectors will go to the end of the world to find that one vase missing from their collection, decorators will spend fortune to have just the right color and form which would make the room ‘just right’.

As you see, glass vases have long been loved and used by people to decorate their home. Because the nature of glass, glass vases could be very versatile decoration items. They are a dazzling yet simple way to show off flowers, from buds to bouquets. Except from that, glass vases could be used in other ways to decorate your home.

Your living room can look quiet yet sophisticated, with glass vases in your living space. They are elegant and statuesque, and they set your rooms apart. Glass vases come in various patterns, designs, sizes and shapes. Some are blown by machine, some hand thrown and some mouth-blown. You can find square glass vases, or vases in shapes round, rectangular, square and cylindrical. You can choose the best ones to enhance your decorative style.

Slender glass vases look elegant when you decorate them with daisies or red roses. These make your home warm looking and inviting. A simple bunch of colorful, fresh flowers can put a smile on the faces of your guests. Trim the roots, too, since the stems are visible through the vase. You can dress up a glass cylinder vase with satin ribbon and sand, marbles or pebbles in the base. Or, for good luck, slip in lucky bamboos, for a traditional Chinese appeal.

Cylinder Glass vases
can make effective candle holders. You can place them along dark hallways to illuminate them, and their slender shape makes them easy to carry and move. If you fill the glass flower vases with floating candles, it can magnify their lovely effect. It makes a great showpiece in your home, or a stately office decoration. 

You can use oranges, limes or other fruits to make a lovely addition to the flower vases in the summer. And for holidays, use symbols of the day to spruce up your home. Mosses and herbs can dress up short and stout glass vases. At Christmas time, you can add pine comes or ferns for the season.

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Color Vases Most Suitable for Showcasing Flowers

I have many flower vases in my home, most of them are crystal vases, glass vases and pottery vases. When I cut some flowers in my garden and put them in the vases, the fresh fragrance dazzles me. Be satisfied with this kind of feeling, I have never considered to buy more different decorative vases.

A few days ago, I received a long-stemmed lilies bouquet as a gift. All of my vases are crystal and not suitable to put them in. A neighbor kindly lent me a color vase that had belonged to her mother. It was large and heavy and frankly, not something that I would have chosen myself. Still, I was grateful for it. It was pleasantly surprising to see how beautiful the flowers looked once they were displayed in the color glass vase.

It seems color decorative vase imitates nature in that most flowers grow up from and through green foliage and it was as if the green was acting as a replacement for their foliage. The green color of the vase really enhanced the flowers. Their rich colors stood out more. The result is that this I am now a firm convert for all future floral arrangements.

Later I bought some other flowers in a recently purchased green vase and found that almost any of them like more beautiful in them. Certainly, roses, gerberas, and orchids and even Dutch irises would all benefit. In fact, the lighter the color of the blooms the better, as they contrast more effectively with green. Orange would look pretty too.

Many of friends also found that my home became more elegant and stylish than before and finally they figured out the green clear vase is the key point. They also found that flower vases go with any kind of flowers and home decoration. If you are a flowers lover, then why not try a color  glass  vase?

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Glass Vases – Perfect Home Decor

Posted October 30, 2012 By glass

Some people put a lot of decorations inside their home thinking that it will make their home different. In fact, it doesn’t need too many decorations to make your home full of beauty and elegance. Decorating your home with glass vases is a good idea.

Glass vases have gone famous throughout the lands. Even though it appears to be very much simple in design but still it has the capability of enhancing the greatness and beauty of flowers and other objects placed unto it. These decorative vases are come in different styles, designs and shapes such as bowl glass vase, circle glass vase, cylinder glass vases, and many else. So, whatever kind of glass vase we like, the biggest problem is choosing only one. But this is not necessarily a bad thing, because you know that no matter what kind of style you like, you surely can find a glass vase suitable for you.

It should be noted that the most common glass vases combine lots of vibrant colors, such as red, white, black, green or blue etc. making these vases unique and incredibly beautiful. Furthermore, the numerous patterns and different color mixtures make these works of art suitable for any home, no matter the chosen design style. And the price of a glass vase ranges depends on the material used to manufacture it, the size of the vase, the style and most importantly on the age of the glass vase. I believe you must like me, feel sure knows they have souls. And its soul is equivalent to its value.

The vase is a decorative marvel, being at once decoration, appreciation and art. And a glass vase is not just the perfect piece that you can put in your living room, but it also makes the perfect appreciate goods. Because of their diversity, vases can be perfect for any person and any home. First of all, because there are many different styles of vases, you can never go wrong even when you make a gift for you pickiest friend. Second of all, glass flower vases are collectable items so they can be perfect collectibles for people who have a passion for art collections.

In addition, when it comes to decorating your house, glass flower vase is an perfect solution and usually won’t break the bank. Of course there are high-end stylish vases, but you can usually find more reasonably priced ones at your favorite department or home goods store. Vases are a great way to enhance the overall look of a room and add a touch of class, without spending your money.

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Wedding Centerpiece Ideas Using Bubble Ball Vase

Posted October 16, 2012 By glass

Bubble ball vases are clear glass containers that are shaped like round balls and generally without embellishment or decoration. They can be purchased for just a few dollars at craft stores or bought in bulk online. If you are thinking of making your own wedding centerpieces, these vases are attractive and will serve as a good base for a centerpiece. Of course, filling a vase with something is the simplest thing to do with one, but don’t stop there; make your bubble ball wedding centerpiece as elaborate or simple as you like.

Bubble ball glass vase stand for the happy reunion and the perfect tableau so it is the best choice for the wedding, the party and the birdnesting of our daliy life.

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Following our step, You will find the glassware becoming more and more interesting …… Please have a try !

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Where to get clear square vases

Posted September 26, 2012 By glass

Where to get clear square vases

Elegantly-crafted clear square vases are impressive ways to show off your favorite flowers, from buds to blooms. Your living room or any room in your house will get that serene yet sophisticated look when graced by the presence of these sparkling items. Of high quality and exquisitely-designed, these floral vases will set any room apart from the rest.

A crystal-clear square vase is a statement of elegance in simplicity and comes in a selection of sizes, shapes, patterns and designs. They are made by experienced craftsmen through machine-blown, hand-blown or mouth-blown techniques. Square vases come in prices ranging from easily affordable to very expensive, depending on the style and manufacturer.

With its sharp clean lines and crystalline body, this modern and chic square glass vase is a picture of simplicity and it’s absolutely stylish. A simple bouquet of fresh colorful flowers can elicit admiration from your guests. Trim the roots and stems as they are all visible through the transparent glass. You can decorate the clear glass vase with silk ribbon and put pebbles, colored gems or marbles in the base. If you like traditional Chinese charm, drop in some lucky bamboos for good fortune.

Square glass vases also come in rectangular, cylindrical and, yes, even round shapes. They are available in small, medium and large sizes. The small ones measure 4 inches long, 3 1/4 inches wide and 5 1/2 inches high. You can mix and match heights to lend dimension and variety to table decoration. These clear vases are so versatile that you can display them in a variety of ways.

Weighted square vases also make great wedding cake holders. Use a dozen or more vases to create a cake stand. Put some floralytes in the middle to illuminate it. Place a sheet of glass over them and put the cake on top.

You can put in colored marbles, vase gems, and white sand at the bottom to stabilize your floral arrangements. These vases are also great as tea light or floating candle holders. Fill them with sand, pebbles or shells to make an attractive candle holder or fill halfway with water for floating candles.

For holidays and special events, you can use the proper symbols like pine cones (for Christmas), herbs, ferns and mosses to spruce up the occasion.

These multi-functional clear square vases are durable enough for complex displays but are very suitable as well for small and simple arrangements. You yourself will agree that there’s nothing square about square vases.

Dear friend when you choose the clear square glass  vases, please do not forget us:  Sophia Glassware.

Maybe it will to be one of your satisfied choice.  Thank you !

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Decorative Glass Vases

Posted September 11, 2012 By glass

Decorative Glass Vases bring a special class and feel to all types of interiors. Whether it is your home or your office, you will be able to create a special, cozy, warm feeling using decorative vases. You will find a large collection of highly impressive vases in all shapes, sizes and colors in the market, which you can use to decorate your home or office. You can use large decorative vases to make them as the center of attraction of your living room or your office.

You can also choose small decorative glass vases to create a cozy niche in your room the choice is totally yours. Decorative vases give youplenty of options and you just need to be little creative and put decorative vases to the best use.
You can choose to use your decorative glass vases with flowers or without flowers. Either way, they will beautify your interiors. When you buy your decorative vases, spend a considerable amount of time in choosing the right shape, color and size so that it matches your interiors. Never rush through the process because you will regret when you bring your decorative glass vase home when they do not match your interiors.
Good lighting always helps in enhancing the beauty of decorative vases. If you have the required provisions, you can place the vase under spot lights so that it adds to the beauty of your interiors.


You will find decorative glass vases in variety of materials to match various interiors. Decorative vases made of glass or other metals such as brass are available in the market. If you are choosing to buy metal vases, you can look for hand carved vases.
However, you will have to watch the cost as hand carved vases will be on the more expensive side but it is worth the money you spend. Rather than having too many decorative items in your living room, you can go for a single large decorative vase that is hand carved. They will help you create a simple and elegant interior. Such a decorative item will keep your interiors uncluttered.


Today you can also find decorative vases in conventional shapes as well as in many interesting contemporary shapes. You need to choose the right shaped decorative vase so that it blends with the rest of the decorative items in your room. For example, if you have displayed a modern art on the wall, placing a decorative vase in contemporary shape next to the painting will create a nice niche in your room. If you are using an expensive oriental rug in your room, then using a conventional shaped large decorative vase with hand carving will go well. However, you can always mix and match your vases to see which combination produces the desired effect.
Whether you are buying Decorative Glass Vases or decorative metal vases, you just need to make sure to get the best quality vases so that you get the best value for your money.

Sophia Glassware wish you enjoy your life with harmony and happiness!




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How Sophia Glassware is Made

Posted August 30, 2012 By glass

Traditionally, a vase was just used to hold flowers. It had an easily recognizable shape consisting of a base, body and neck. These days, vases can be of any shape. They are decorative pieces on their own, with designs ranging from plain to colorful and intricate. Vases can be made from a variety of materials, but glass is one of the most popular.

The process of making Sophia Glass vases

Glass vase is an attractive, functional form that you can learn to make. A common method for creating a vase is by lampworking: the process of manipulating solid glass in the flame of a table-top torch. For each step, the key is to always rotate the glass as you work it to keep everything on axis and to maintain an even heat base. Although a somewhat difficult task, once you achieve this bud vase, you gain the necessary tools to go on and create other blown objects.

Instructions of Using Sophia Glass vase

  • 1

Select a glass vase that you would like to decorate. The size, color and shape of the vase isn’t important.

  • 2

Clean and dry the vase. Protect your work space with old newspapers.

  • 3

Decorate your vase with items found around the house. Use Modpodge to glue lighter items such as feathers, ribbons, sequins, and dried pasta shells to the vase. Use E-6000 craft adhesive to attach colored beads, buttons, old costume jewelry and gemstones to the vase.

Decoupage Vase

  • 1

Cut out pictures from old magazines, postcards or brochures that you like. Small squares of tissue paper can also be used.

  • 2

Determine the layout of the paper items that you want to use on the vase. Once you have determined the layout, use Modpodge to glue the cut-outs to the vase starting at the bottom and work your way towards the top. Smooth out any bumps in the paper by pressing lightly with a damp sponge and smoothing out any wrinkles with your finger.

  • 3

Apply a second layer of decoupage medium to the decorated vase. Allow the second layer of decoupage medium to dry and apply another layer.

  • 4

Allow the third layer of decoupage medium to dry.

  • 5

Remove any surface blemishes on the vase by lightly sanding with 400-grit sandpaper.

Mosaic Tile Vase

  • 1

Determine the tile arrangement that you would like to have on the vase. Create designs or a random pattern with the tiles.

  • 2

Apply mosaic adhesive to the area of the vase you are working on and to the tile with a small brush. Press the tile into the mosaic adhesive on the vase. Allow at least ¼ inch of space between the tiles.

  • 3

Add another tile and repeat this technique until you have applied the rest of the tiles. Allow the adhesive to dry according to the manufacture’s instructions.

  • 4

Apply grout over the tiles using a putty knife making sure to press it into the crevices between the tiles.

  • 5

Remove any excess grout on the vase with the edge of your putty knife. Allow the grout to dry and use a damp sponge to get rid of grout residue.

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